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Sales Info

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Accepted Payment Methods

Online, we accept Paypal and Venmo. Alternatively, we also accept cash and credit card payments in person. 

No checks.

Please note, no goat can ever be picked up until payment in full is made. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Registration / DNA

Any doelings and bucklings born here will go pre-registered with ADGA. 

All bucklings will have DNA submitted before they leave.

You're welcome to request DNA testing on a doeling/doe, but it will be at your cost. 

We do not offer registration papers with wethers.

Reserving a kid

You can click on "reserve now" button, fill out the form and submit it.

You have 24 hours to get back to use once we contact you about the availability of a kid you placed a reservation on.

We understand this is a short time frame, and that is why we advise you to leave your phone number along with your email, as we will send you a text letting you know you have an email from us. 

If you decide to take the kid, we will need a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold the goat for you. This deposit must be made within 24h or another mutually agreed upon time frame. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE unless the kid dies OR we decide to retain/not sell you the goat after all for whatever reason we see fit.

Deposits are PER goat, and cannot be transferred from one purchase/reservation to a different one. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If your reservation isn't filled that year because we did not have availability, you will have to contact us to be on the list for next year, we don't carry reservations from one year to the next.

We reserve the right to retain any kid from any breeding at any time before the kid leaves, even if you already made a deposit. In this case, the deposit will be fully refunded.

Picking up a kid

Kids have to be picked up within 1 week of being weaned. 



Only exception to this is if the kid is getting to you by ground transport/air ship. In that case, we will hold the goat until transport is ready within reason.

Adult goats for sale

Sometimes we do sell some of our breeding stock. If you see any goat you are interested in, you're welcome to inquire. Any adult goat, just like the kids, require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to be held until pick up. If the goat is not picked up within 2 weeks of the agreed upon date, you forfeit your rights to the goat and she/he will be posted back for sale or retained.

Buck leasing

To help maintaining a disease free herd, we don't offer outside leasing of our bucks and we don't do any driveway breeding. No exceptions.


We provide excellent care to our goats! However, once the goat is out of our hands, it is your responsibility to give the goat the best possible care to maintain her/him healthy and happy. You're more than welcome to require a CVI before a goat (adult or kid) leaves. This will be at your cost. 

Cae, Cl & Johne's

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