Gardenviewfarm JPJ Nyx Quinn

S : Old Mountain Farm Justplainjoe LA VEV89

SS: Old Mountain Farm InLikeQuinn X SD : Old Mountain Farm Peris LA VVVE87

D : Delevandrick PG Tootie LA +EEV86

DS: Moon Spinner SB Odion PegasusX DD: Delevandrick AP SusanB Anthony

Kidding record with us: 

*2020 - Twins (1 doeling and 1 buckling) by We Goat it OR Leonardo D Vinci)

ADGA Pedigree Link

Dam's 2nd freshening udder

Sire (Justplainjoe). Pic by Jessica Miller

Sire's dam (Peris). Pics by OMF

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