S : Tiny Angels SFF Atlas

SS: The Stonebroke SP Loki X SD : Tiny Angels Oh Merci Beaucoup

D : AGS One Willow SG Blacksplat

DS: AGS Tiny Angels OH Sir Gallahad X DD: AGS Prairie Wood Evening Moon

Kidding record with us: 

*2019 - Triplets (2D, 1B) sired by Stonebroke Farm TB Huckleberry

We Goat it HB Hakuna Magoata (doe)

We Goat it HB Dumbledwarf (buck)

We Goat it HB Dracarys (doe)

*2020 - Triplets (1D - stillborn-, 2B) sired by We Goat it OR Leonardo D Vinci

We Goat it LD Bogart (buck)

ADGA Pedigree Link

Merci Beaucoup photo by Valley's-Edge

Gallahad photo by Julie Guay

Blu Bonnet - Gallahad dam Pic by RZ Acres

CH Tiny Angles OH Honey Blossom

Gallahad full sister Pic by Valleys-Edge

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