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- Blackstrap Oreo -

DOB: 02/05/16


S:  Rosasharn BH Grand Theft Autum 

SS: Rosasharn TL Bully Hill *B LA 2013 VVV 88 x SD: GCH Rosasharn BB Cape May Warbler 2*M LA 2013 VEVV 89

D:  NC Promiseland RC Moon Day 

DS: Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S ++B LA 2009 VEE 90 x DD: SGCH  NC Promiseland Legacy Sunday 3*D  2*M AR2008 LA 2012 VEEE 91  ADGA ELITE DOE

ADGA Pedigree Link


Kidding record with us: 

*2017 - Twins (2 bucks) with Bluebird Pond Frieda

*2017 - Twins (2 doelings) with Pack Mountain Patchouli

*2018 - Triplets (2 doelings - one stillborn-, 1 buck) with Bluebird Pond Frieda

*2018 - Singleton (1 doe) with Back Meadow Farm Snow Drop

*2018 - Twins (2 doelings) with Crazy 4 Goats Ariel

*2018 - Triplets (2 doelings, 1 buck) by Misty Hills Angelica

*2019 - Bred Dragonfly HLJ Milk & Honey

Show Record:

1x 3rd place @ the Windsor Show, ME (HOMDGA) in 2018

2x1 place @ Altamond, NY Buck Show in 2019

Oreo's Dam's full sister.

SG NC Promiseland  RC Sunday Best 3*M AR

2017 LA VEEE90 

Picture by rebel wood heritage breeds

Oreo's Sire's Dam (Warbler)

 Picture by rosasharn

Oreo's sire's sire (bully)

Picture by Oak Hallow Acres
 Picture by KW Farm
 Picture by Enos Farm

Oreo's full sister 2nd freshening udder

Oreo's Dam's Sire (Cauldron)

- Ole' Humble Acres Kilimanjaro -



S: Ch Tiny Angels Rustler VEE90

SS: Humble Acres Atreus 1st Place Get of Sire at Frybeurg Fair 2017 x SD: Humble Acres Valhalla

D: Everland Rogue Fasse

DS: Everland V Rebel Bass x DD: Everland RC Chandelier

ADGA Pedigree Link

Kidding record with us: 

*2019 - Bred Valley's-Edge Z Hail Storm

*2019 - Bred Buttin'Heads Magunese Ion 

*2019 - Bred Buebird Pond Frieda 

*2019 - Bred We Goat It OR Kermit the Goat 

*2019 - Bred Delevandrick PG Dootie 

*2019 - Bred We Goat It OR Artemis

Photos by Sally Nolan

Photos by Sally Nolan

Photos by Sally Nolan

Dam: Everland RB Rogue Fasse

Photo by Denbow Acres

Kilimanjaro's Sire (Rustler)

Photo by Humble Acres

Kilimanjaro's Sire's Dam


Kilimanjaro's Dam's Dam


Photos by Sally Nolan

Photo by GardenView Farm

- Fairlea Mookie Betts *B -

DOB: 05/16/17

We think he has a couple of moonspots



Mookie will be for sale in 2019


S: Fairlea Edmond Dantes *S *B 

SS: MCH GCH AGS Dawnland Tabby's Halifax LA  2009 VEE 88 In AGS: 1 x Jr CH Buck, 3 x RGCH Buck, 2 x GCH Buck, 1 x Sire and Son; in ADGA, 3 x GCH buck, 3 x BOB x SD: GCH Fairlea Marguerite 4*D E 4*M 

D: Fairlea Irene 6*M 6*D LA 2017 VVVE 89

2x 1st place, 2x RGCH, 2x GCH

DS: AGS Dragonfly RY Stonewall Jackson x DD: GCH Fairlea Margereen 5*D 5*M  LA2014 EEEE 91 GS Classified: E, 91.1 (AGS: 2 AGS Senior GrCh; ADGA: 3 Senior GrCh, 2 Reserves, 1 Best Udder)

ADGA Pedigree Link

Kidding record with us: 

*2019 - Bred Old School Cremeary D'Arc

*2019 - Bred Misty Hills Angelica 

*2019 - Bred Back Meadow Farm Snow Drop

*2019 - Bred Dragonfly KA Primrose

Photos by Fairlea

Photo by Garden View

Photo by Garden View

Photos by Fairlea

Irene (Dam) - 3rd freshening

Dante as a yearling (Sire)

Photos by Fairlea

Photos by Fairlea

Margereen (Dam's Dam) - 2nd freshening

Jackson (Dam's Sire)

Photos by Fairlea

Photos by Dragonfly

Marguerite (Sire's Dam)

Halifax (Sire's Sire)

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